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Flawless Cuisine Cookbook

Flawless Cuisine Cookbook

This is your standard hard cover 8.5x11 size cookbook. Comes with a custom handwritten message and is personally signed. Makes the perfect gift for any occasions especially the holidays. Flawless Cuisine is a family-style cookbook filled with delicious and comforting day to day dishes. As a mother and a businesswoman, I sometimes find myself frantically searching for meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This cookbook is not only intended for those busy parents like me, but anyone that finds themselves lost in the kitchen and needs a little extra inspiration or guidance along the way.

About The Chef

Chef Lauren Lawless, is a true southern Californian born and raised woman. Personal Chef, caterer, TV personality, author, and mother, Lauren Lawless is an inspirational, innovative and determined face in the industry. She has continued to impress everyone with her out-of-the-box cooking style. You’ll catch her cooking alongside with the best of them. Chef Lawless has been a celebrity guest judge and participant at many festivals including the most recent 5th Annual San Diego Mac N' Cheese Festival, The Pacific Wine & Food Classic, The Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival and so many more. There is a reason why they turn to her for her expertise. She has a beautiful palette for taste, unique style of cooking and a joy for great food like none other. Be sure to purchase her brand new cookbook Flawless Cuisine now available in the shop tab.

Celebrity Chef

Get to know one of the top celebrity chefs in the business. She was on multiple TV shows, such as Masterchef Season 8 on Fox and Travel Channel. Look for her on more shows in 2020.


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