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Flawless Bistro & Bar offers delicious and comforting American Cuisine with an elevated twist.

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  • 5 star ratingOk so I am picky but the food is amazing here. We ate the fig burger, the Nashville chicken sandwich, and all the fries plus the crab cakes. Seriously so good. Better than any other escondido restaurant. Then we got desserts and it kind of blew our minds. Seriously delicious. We will be going back! They said live music on Saturdays and we are definitely going to check it out. Five stars!

    Tammy W. Avatar
    Tammy W.

    5 star ratingThe best experience ever. Service is incredible. Food was the best. I loved the Nashville chicken sandwich was amazing. I can't say enough grey things about this place. Great job.

    Evan W. Avatar
    Evan W.

    5 star ratingI've dined at Flawless Bistro &Bar many times now, and I can say with out a doubt the food is outstanding! Chef Lawless and her team do an amazing job! Food gets better and better every time I go! On top of having amazing food, the atmosphere there is so welcoming! It's a perfect place for families, dates, and of course golfers(Being it's located at Boulder Oaks Golf Club). I highly recommend this establishment to anyone who's a fan of 5 star food! And of course fans of anything Chef Lawless has done! Masterchef,Hell's Kitchen, Supermarket Stakeout and more! Get there today!

    John A. Avatar
    John A.

    5 star ratingWhat a great addition to the neighborhood! It's a new, delicious, and amazing restaurant run by Celebrity Chef Lauren Lawless. She was recently on the last season of Hell's Kitchen and her food does NOT disappoint. I went for brunch and had The Everything Bagel & Lox Flatbread and OMG!!! Sooooo good! The service was great and it overlooks the Boulder Oaks Golf Course.

    Korinne A. Avatar
    Korinne A.

    1 star ratingThe WORST SERVICE EVER! Talk about being ignored from the moment we walked in. No host to greet us, seated ourselves once the table was finally clean, had to ask for water numerous times and go to the bar for drinks, and to top it off after waiting 90 minutes after placing our order - still no food. We left after having the worst Mother's Day experience ever. So sad as it may be one of the last ones with my mom. It was bad enought that we were so ignored but when we tried to talk to the manager, they said that they were having a hard time hiring staff. Well, then don't fill all your tables if you don't have the staff to serve them. My sister was FB friends with the Chef Lauren Lawless and was messaging her about the situation and was basically given the cold shoulder. And to top it off, the chef later posted on line about her fabulous Mother's Day brunch. I drove down from Los Angeles to go to this place with my family after a year of not having family events. My reco - DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE. WHAT WOULD GORDON RAMSEY SAY?

    Jan S. Avatar
    Jan S.

    1 star ratingTrain wreck of an experience at this place for Mother's Day brunch. Short-staffing was the very least of the concerns even though the owner tried to blame it on that. Menu items were unavailable as early as 11am for an advertised brunch. The food took an hour and a half to get served - and even then, it came a few plates at a time to our table of ten. (The bistro was not even filled to capacity so it's not as though they were slammed with guests that morning.) Our last two meals and side order finally came to the table at 1:00pm - we had put our order in at around 11!! And when the food did arrive - only one meal was correctly done. All the others were plated wrongly did to missing key ingredients like turkey, bacon, spinach, sauce, etc. The apparently frozen pancakes were cold and rubbery like they were microwaved. We had to get up to go to the bar for our own mimosas and beer. Terribly inadequate experience. If the kitchen facilities are not working .... the supplies aren't stocked .... the staff isn't up to par .... then don't keep seating people!! Four parties left angry while we were there .... in hindsight, we probably should have done the same. The response from the owner seemed unprofessional and filled with rationalizations in which everything/everyone was blamed but .... ultimately, a business is the responsibility of the owner who theoretically should have pride in the enterprise. We were so looking forward to celebrating there with the whole family. But it was a waste of our time and a very disappointing experience to say the least. Not recommended.

    Ellen S. Avatar
    Ellen S.

    1 star ratingWe went here for the Mother's Day Bruch that was advertised. What a terrible experience. We sat at 1030 No one came to take any drink orders until 11, at which time the waiter brought 4 glasses for water and a warm crafe of water for 10 of us. We sat and sat and finally got our bottomless mismos, which after the first one you had to get up and go to the bar if you wanted a refill, which meant masking up everytime you wanted a drink making people at your table get up since other tables were not 6 feet away and jammed in closely. Then the food I can't even explain how bad it was, without exploding. The bathroom was discussing, there was a a Black widow in the first stall and paper towel stuffed in the keylock since it was broken and the stench was unbelievable. The walk up to the restraunt is very dirty, landscaping is not kept up. Will never go back.

    Rose S. Avatar
    Rose S.

    5 star ratingEverytime we go we are well treated and the food is absolutely amazing. The jewel of San Diego County.

    Joe G. Avatar
    Joe G.
  • 5 star ratingChef Lawless and her staffs are amazing. I highly recommend them for a night out with amazing food . Will be back soon.

    Ben L. Avatar
    Ben L.

    5 star ratingSeen a post on Facebook and drove down here to try it and it was excellent. I tried the crab cakes, delicious! Also had the mushroom ravioli so tasty and delicious. I'm excited to come back and bring my family with me. Excellent customer service.

    Noemi F. Avatar
    Noemi F.

    5 star ratingI went here for lunch today and the flatbread pizza was so good! I even got the Caesar salad with chicken and it was delicious! Im definitely plan to go back soon, everything looks so good on the menu! Can't wait to try some more!

    Elizabeth K. Avatar
    Elizabeth K.

    4 star ratingGiving 4 stars because I thought the food was very good! Our waiter wasn't very good and the outside seating wasn't very nice , the inside looked more inviting but we had a few kids with us and thought we should eat outside... I think the staff could use improvement but good food

    Samantha B. Avatar
    Samantha B.

    5 star ratingWow!! This is such a hidden little gem tucked in Escondido. Came for lunch today (Friday) and I'm still blown away by how good the food was. We had the crispy chicken sandwich (chicken, prosciutto, pesto, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic on ciabatta) which came with homemade potato chips. Holy smokes! The sandwich was perfection. There's nothing that would've made it better. And the chips? Perfectly cooked, salted just right. The portions were hearty and the view from the patio overlooking the golf course was beautiful. Just a perfect place overall. I will definitely come back here soon and will recommend to everyone I know. Thank you so much!

    Sarah L. Avatar
    Sarah L.

    4 star rating1st visit. Great! They're gonna be putting in a firepit. So exciting! Look forward to coming back and bringing more friends.

    Audra G. Avatar
    Audra G.

    5 star ratingI ordered the crab cakes for lunch. The presentation was beautiful with fresh edible flowers and the flavor was delicious..

    Gerri P. Avatar
    Gerri P.

    5 star ratingFantastic service and great food! Appreciate the friendly service and look forward to coming back.

    Nick H. Avatar
    Nick H.
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